General Coordinators

The general coordinators are responsible for leading the Ivy Film Festival and organizing the various departments at a high level. General questions about submissions may be directed to, while technical questions may be directed to For information regarding the other departments of IFF, please refer to their respective sub-pages.


Executive Directors

Supreeti Sharma
Elizabeth Woodward

Managing Directors

Tarek Shoukri
Giri Suarsana

Events Coordinator

Jose Clair

Events Assistant

Giri Suarsana

Student Film Curator

Paul PFWD Lebot

Community Coordinator

Claudine Fernandez

Web Designer

Ingrid Chen

Web Master

Elías Martínez Cohen


The Business Department is responsible for raising the financing that enables the festival to operate each spring. Our funds are obtained through grants, corporate sponsorships, individual contributions and support from Brown. If you are interested in partnering with the Festival, please email us at iffbusiness2014{at}



Keith Thomas
Supreeti Sharma


Angela Guo
Edgar Rincon
Ezra Nelson
Jacqueline Feiler
Jocelyn Caster
Paulina Tarrant
Philip Heller
Savannah Holte
Solveig Xia
Viet Nguyen
Soleil Vaughn

Graphic Design

The graphic design department is responsible for designing the face of the festival – everything from submissions posters to event tickets for festival itself.



Angela Estevez
Layla Ehsan


Elizabeth Goodspeed
Kristen Louie
Ingrid Chen


The industry staff is responsible for initiating and maintaining contact with industry proffessionals, such as agents, managers, and filmmakers themselves. They work year-round to bring screenings and panels to our campus during the festival and in the months leading up to it.



Maggie Hire
Nathan Walker
Rachel Stern


Margot Hauser-King
Oakley Friedberg
Madeline Chin


The programming department screens and judges 300+ submissions received each year from festival participants. They are responsible for assembling a list of winners for the festival as well as organizing the 48-Hour Film Competition in the fall. During the festival itself, the programming staff welcomes visiting filmmakers to campus and coordinates their accomodations.



Dan Fethke
Erica James


Jade Donaldson
Angus Ning
Ian Garrity
Nathaniel Burke
Neha Verma
Brittany Comunale
Rheem Brooks
Hadley Unger
Jules Kortenhorst
Isabela Muci
Pia Brar
Joanna Jacobs
Brendan Stone
Bianca Lavelle
Frida Perez
Laura Katz
Eric Heimark
Amy Sung
William Davis
Paul “PFWD” Lebot
William Underwood
Alon Sacks
Polina Godz


The Publicity team coordinates festival publicity, both by soliciting film and screenplay submissions and by promoting the festival itself. Their responsibilities include publicizing the festival on campus and to local, national and international markets, developing and maintaining relationships with the film departments of colleges and universities, and developing new ways of promoting and executing the festival in order to reach new audiences. They work closely with the Graphic Design team to establish and expand the IFF brand.



Eunice Cho
Tarek Shoukri
Yongha Kim


Jaclyn Licht
Tyler Daelemans
Hunter Archer
Jenna Klorfein
Alexa Effron
Claire Shennan
Estelle Berger
Elli Sawada
Aniela Mack
Nicole Salvador
Mollie Forman
Pimol Hy
Olutoye Adegboro
Michelle Watt


The 13th annual IFF Screenplay Competition will judge short and long form screenplays written by students at the undergraduate and graduate level. A panel of qualified student judges will read each submission and select four semi-finalist screenplays according to an established set of guidelines. These criteria include concept, character development, dialogue, and story. Once selected, the finalist works will be sent to industry professionals (agents, producers, creative executives, writers, directors) who will choose the winning screenplay, to be announced during the festival in April. The winners for each category will receive prizes, and their work will be read during the festival. Submissions will be accepted from September through February.

This year’s categories are:

  1. Undergraduate Long-form Screenplays
  2. Undergraduate Short-form Screenplays
  3. Television Pilots
  4. Feature-Length Screenplays



Samuel Torres
Maru Pabón


Brian Semel
Eleanor Duke
Zeve Sanderson
Nina Perrotta
Jessica Steans-Gail
Lars Anderson
Drew Williams
Samuel Samore
Alexander Herbert-Rapport
Juan-Diego Mariategui
Kent Smith
Bryan Smith
Gabriella Corvese
Alice Preminger
Broghan Zwack
John Irving
Ryan Paine
Caleb Williams


The Tech Department is in charge of all technical aspects of the film festival. We handle the audio/visual aspects of the festival and are in charge of all the screenings, panels, and discussions. We gain a thorough understanding of the technical layouts of Brown’s lecture spaces such as the Martinos Auditorium in the Granoff Center. In the Spring we receive all selected student films, format and compile them into student blocks, and then burn them to DVD. We make sure everything runs smoothly from a technical standpoint.



Luke Perez


Tian-Mei Lee
Divya Mahadevan
Alexandra Cerda
Parmida Maghsoudlou

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